Saturday, January 1, 2011

I am a solo practitioner and I already receive clinical supervision, how is supervision in motivational interviewing different?

This is a great question.

The answer lies in the observation and feedback you get and the kind of clinical supervision you want.  How would observation and feedback of what you say to clients and how your clients respond to you be helpful?  How much of this do you get from your current clinical supervisor (how often do they listen to your sessions)?  Are you looking to grow your skills in motivational interviewing specifically?  Would you like to increase your efficacy with your clients (the research is clear:  the more change talk from the client during sessions the more positive the outcome)?

If you are a solo practitioner and are considering supervision to develop and enhance your motivational interviewing skills, contact me to set up one MITI session coding and a 30-minute debrief of your session at no charge.


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