Saturday, January 1, 2011

How do I send an email that is encrypted?

You best source for learning about digital IDs and encrypted email is here:  This is a white paper on how digital IDs, specifically Verisign (the ID I use) works.

To send an encrypted message follow the following steps:

  1. Email me and ask me to reply with an email that is digitally signed. I typically do not digitally sign all outgoing emails.  You will get an email from me that has my public key attached as part of my digital ID.  You can also download my digital ID by clicking on the secure email icon from the navigation column on the right.
  2. Save me as a contact in your address book.  You may have done this before -- or you may have created one from scratch.  You will have to merge the old information with the new to insure you have my public key.
  3. Send a test email.  Before you email confidential information around the world via the Internet, send a test message an encrypt it.  Wait for a confirmation that I received it and it was secure.
  4. Attach your audio and encrypt it!


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Confidential and Private Email

Confidential and Private Email
Download my Verisign Digital ID for secure messaging

Send Audio Files Securely

Send Audio Files Securely
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Scott is a member of the MINT
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